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Smart and Convenient Design

Philips Notebook Soundbar SPA1100 is a stylish clip-in sound system for your laptop. You can simply attach the speakers to the top of your monitor or keep it on the side. Either ways, the sound system reproduces excellent audio quality for your entertainment. Made of plastic, the Philips SPA1100 Soundbar is easy to carry around in its travel case. The speaker includes only one USB cable neatly tucked in the space under the speaker to avoid clutter. One USB cable is all that is needed to power and play the speaker.

Compatibility and Sound

Philips Notebook Soundbar speakers are compatible with both MAC as well as Windows operating system. With their 3.5 auxiliary input jack, you can connect them to any kind of laptop and they will be able to produce great quality sound. The USB cable also charges the speakers when attached to the computer. These two USB speakers for laptop feature bass reflex and optimisation to provide enhanced highs, lows and midrange frequencies and also Class D digital amplifier for loud audios. Enjoy great sound quality from any multimedia file on your laptop.

Portable and Easy to Use

Philips Soundbar is a convenient and portable audio solution for laptops. The portable USB speakers measure 28.1cm wide, 5.52cm long and 3.4 cm deep. They weigh just 219g and you can simply clip them on to your device and be ready for some great sound reproduction. The plug and play feature cuts out the clutter of cables with simple wireless technology. This Philips SPA1100 sound bar features a 3W output that is powered by a USB cable and features 3.5mm jack as an audio connecter for linking to other audio devices.

  • Brand: Phillips
  • Colour: Black
  • With Clip On feature
  • Channel Configuration: 2.0
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm auxiliary USB cable
  • Weight: 219g
  • Sound features include: Bass reflex, bass optimisation and Class D digital amplifier
  • Compatibility: All Windows OS and all MAC OS
  • Easy to carry in travel pouch
  • Dimensions: 28.1 x 5.52 x 3.4 cm

From the Manufacturer

Screen-top Superstar
Just fasten me on top of your screen and I?ll sing for you! I?m a smart, compact, notebook USB speaker bar with a single convenient USB connection. Or put me next to your notebook and we can share your favorite sounds with everyone.


Take me anywhere

  • I can sit on the top of your screen or stand alone
  • I’m an ideal friend for your notebook
Really easy

  • Carrying pouch included
  • I work with MAC and PC
  • Light and portable
  • My cable wraps neatly around me
  • No battery or adapter needed
  • USB plug for power and play
I’m small but I sound big

  • Digital stereo sound



I can sit on the top of your screen or stand alone
The SoundBar clips on top of your notebook screen so you can listen to music when you are on the go AND save space at the same time. Simply fix it onto your notebook, plug in the USB cable and off you go! When you have finished, wrap the USB cable in the slot around the SoundBar and store it back in its pouch.

USB plug for power and play
With plug-and-play convenience, the USB cable plugs directly into any USB port and your notebook automatically recognizes this as a removable USB mass storage device.

  • Speaker Bar with 2 Built-in Speakers
  • 3.5 mm Audio Connector
  • USB Plug for Power
  • Works with Mac and PC
  • USB 2.0
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